Creative Courage in Non-Fiction Storytelling

9:45 AM, Thursday 27 Sep 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Arena Cinelounge - Theater
Three documentary filmmakers known for their cinematically unconventional and daring films explore the art and craft of nonfiction, including such topics as:combining unconventional approaches and techniques into documentary format, incorporating direct-to-camera address and first-person narration, breaking the fourth wall, the nature of self as character, discussion of influences and overall cinematic philosophy. Yance Ford will discuss his Academy Award-nominated documentary, Strong Island; Jennie Livingston (Paris Is Burning) will share about her new personal essay film, Earth Camp One; and Jenni Olson (The Royal Road) will speak about her forthcoming essayistic memoir film, The Quiet World.

Sponsored by A&E Indie Films
Jenni Olson Consulting/Production
Filmmaker & Independent Consultant
Earth Camp One LLC

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