Pulling Back the Curtain

Filmmaker Only
Interactive Workshop
10:00 AM, Tuesday 25 Sep 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)

Join us for a unique session for filmmakers only to learn the latest on distribution revenues and costs. This off-the-record event will enable filmmakers to share hard numbers. In addition to a few key case studies, attendees will crowdsource data on real-life revenues and the distribution costs required to earn them—information that is difficult or impossible to access.

This event is designed to help filmmakers answer two critical questions:

  • How much money can my film make?
  • How much will my distribution cost?

Key issues to be explored during the session include:

  • How much will you need to cash flow your distribution?
  • How can you use the money most cost-effectively?
  • What is essential and what is a waste of money?
  • What are the most important revenue streams?
  • What sequence and timing will allow you to maximize all of your streams?
  • Are projections useful or is there a better approach to describing the revenue potential of your film?

Please come prepared to exchange numbers that will be the most helpful to your fellow filmmakers. A rising tide of information will lift all boats.

Filmmaker Only: Closed to Press and Industry

Paradigm Consulting
Paradigm Consulting

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