Monrovia, Indiana (2018) (Sneak Peek)

12:00 PM, Tuesday 25 Sep 2018 (3 hours)
ArcLight Hollywood - Theater 10

Forty-six million Americans live in rural, small town America. These towns were once the backbone of American life. While their number and populations have shrunk, the importance of rural America as a formative center of American politics and values was demonstrated in the 2016 presidential election. To understand more about American life, it is important acknowledge the unique and important contributions small towns make to American character and culture, in addition to providing most of our food, raw materials and drinking water.

The film explores the conflicting stereotypes and illustrates how values like community service, duty, spiritual life, generosity and authenticity are formed, experienced and lived. The film gives a complex and nuanced view of daily life in Monrovia and provides some understanding of a rural, mid-American way of life that has always been important in America but whose influence and force have not always been recognized or understood in the big cities on the east and west coasts of America and in other countries.

Followed by with Q&A with filmmaker Frederick Wiseman.

Supported by Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Closed to Press

Zipporah Films
Director, Producer, Editor, Sound

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