Two Radio Guys Help Your Movies Look Better with Sound

10:00 AM, Tuesday 25 Sep 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)
ArcLight Hollywood - Theater 8

Who’s got time to worry about the audio when you’ve got a tiny crew chasing action in the field? What’s the point of worrying about sound when you’re just interviewing someone sitting in their office? And once you’ve got your camera sound and some ambi, you’re done...right? The fact is that creative use of sound is a simple, powerful and inexpensive way to convey information, move your narrative forward and accentuate moments of fact and emotion. And this session will be filled with clips and tips that’ll get you thinking about sound for documentaries in a whole new way. KCRW’s Matt Holzman (The Document) and Bob Carlson (UnFictional) are two veteran radio producers obsessed with making non-fiction audio stories more cinematic. And if they can do that for stories that are mostly talk, talk, talk - imagine what it could do for documentaries! Note! That this isn’t a how-to session about film sound recording or mixing. Frankly, Bob and Matt don’t know that much about that stuff. Instead, they’ll try to help you “think radio” - on scene and in post - to add a compelling new layer to your next film.

KCRW - UnFictional
Host and Producer

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