Creative Distribution and Audience Engagement Post-Cambridge Analytica: A Look at Changing Strategies, Roles, Demands and Data

12:45 PM, Wednesday 26 Sep 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Arena Cinelounge - Theater

Filmmaker/Strategist Jon Reiss (Hybrid Cinema) and Producer Sonja Henrici (Scottish Documentary Institute join in conversation about the changing demands around devising creative distribution campaigns. Early audience engagement may or may not be possible with our films, but we all know we need more marketing and positioning to stand out from the crowd - or to reach an audience. How can we create strategies that go beyond single projects and benefit the filmmakers or the production company longer term? Who measures, owns and handles data - especially in the age of GDPR, and the scandal of Cambridge Analytica? What tools are there? If we employ a PMD or Impact Producer, how do they create value for the project - culturally, socially, economically? Should more funds open up focusing on distribution, beyond Impact funding? How do you go global without Netflix? In the forever underfunded independent film scene, are we just kidding ourselves to think we can take on distribution, without killing ourselves?

Scottish Documentary Institute
Hybrid Cinema

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