Regional Sustainability Models

1:30 PM, Wednesday 26 Sep 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)
ArcLight Hollywood - Theater 8

From a filmmaker’s perspective, choosing to live and make a career outside one of the traditional film centers is one of the most important decisions a filmmaker can make. How can documentary filmmakers who don’t live in places like New York or LA turn a potential career disadvantage into an opportunity? Strengthening the relationship between filmmakers and regional film organizations will go a long way toward making gains in filmmaker and field-wide sustainability. What models are these film organizations employing to support their filmmaker constituents?

As the sustainability movement enters its next phase, regionalism is the new battle cry. In Austin, the city’s Cultural Arts Division and Austin Film Society provide numerous grants for filmmakers; in Camden, ME, the Points North Institute is working closely with the LEF Foundation to provide New England based filmmakers with opportunities to use the Camden International Film Festival platform to push their films and careers forward; in Chicago, Kartemquin Films is offering new grant funding for projects at moments of crucial need and is expanding its program reach to be more intentionally focused on the Midwest region as a whole; and in Washington, DC, Docs in Progress supports artist fellowships, residencies, screening programs, Peer Pitch, and opportunities for local filmmakers to earn additional income through teaching.

In this session, Austin-based filmmaker PJ Raval (Call Her Ganda); Tim Horsburgh, Director of Communications and Distribution, Kartemquin Films (Chicago); Ben Fowlie, Executive and Artistic Director, Points North Institute (Camden); Erica Ginsberg, Executive Director, Docs in Progress (Washington, DC), and Jax Deluca (NEA) share their insights into the challenges facing filmmakers in different regions across the country and explore what new initiatives and activities are bolstering filmmakers’ careers.

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Points North Institute
Executive Director
National Endowment for the Arts
Media Arts Director
The D-Word / CineCitizen Media
Documentary / VR Programmer
Director of Film Strategy
Unraval Pictures

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