Can I Get a Witness? Archival Workshop with Barak Goodman

10:30 AM, Wednesday 26 Sep 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Arena Cinelounge - Theater
History is made by those who act, those who observe, and those who tell about it. Nothing beats the immediacy and emotionality of a firsthand eyewitness account, whether from a participant or a bystander. Join acclaimed filmmaker Barak Goodman (Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, My Lai) as he explains how to tell history through the eyes of those who were there. Learn how to build trust with witnesses, how to navigate the often painful realm of memory and emotion, how to sort fact from fiction and how to shape it all into a compelling and revealing narrative.

Co-Presented with
American Experience

Supported by Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Sponsored by A&E Indie Films

Ark Media

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