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Female Cinematographer Convening

10:00 AM, Thursday 27 Sep 2018 (1 hour)

This year was unprecedented with Rachel Morrison being the first-ever woman nominated for an Oscar in Cinematography. With fewer than 4% of film & television programs having a female cinematographer, it’s a necessary time to support and rise-up women in the industry.

In late 2017, documentary filmmakers Alix Blair & Jen Gilomen—both of whom direct and DP their projects—were seeking mid-career cinematography classes taught by female DPs and could not find anything. Based in the Bay Area, they decided to form a collective of female doc cinematographers with the goal of organizing Master Classes taught by other female DPs, and sharing knowledge, gear, tech wisdom, and work opportunities.

“We are not re-inventing the wheel”, Blair and Gilomen explain, “There are other great female-specific cinematography groups that exist, but they can be limited in their membership. In documentary, we often have to juggle multiple roles- like being directors and DPs. Sometimes this is treated as a negative thing: I can’t afford a DP so I do it myself. We want to reshape that. That’s not a limit! That makes you a double-threat! How incredible to be director and to shoot beautifully. We want to champion that, and we wanted something that targeted mid-career DPs who are hungry to learn new skills and support each other. We want to create the opposite of competitiveness. We want to lift each other up and create safe spaces for learning.  We also wanted to focus on the unique challenges that come with being female in a male-dominated industry—everything from bidding on jobs, to learning new tech, to how to take care of your body over time carrying heavy gear.”

Come join Blair, Gilomen, and other female documentary DPs for a discussion on cinematography-while-female. Blair and Gilomen will share how they started their collective and offer resources for others to start their own.

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Collective of Documentary Women Cinematographers
Director, Cinematographer, Producer
Forward Films, Collective of Documentary Women Cinematographers, New Day Films
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