Thriving Filmmaker Workshop

1:30 PM, Thursday 27 Sep 2018 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Film L.A. - Meeting Room

The Thriving Filmmaker Workshop is a 90-minute hands-on workshop designed to help you identify new income streams, create a stress-free automated personal budget, freelance for freedom (not for free), and foster transparent and welcoming discussions about career sustainability. By the end of this workshop you will have (1) identified at least one new creative income stream, (2) identified at least one new tool or resource that can help them save money or time, and (3) created a “freedom rubric” to help you identify which freelance gigs to take.

This is about 50% presentation and 50% participation, with reflection activities and a resource packet that includes helpful financial tools, apps, and resources (i.e. bank accounts, debt relief resources, etc.). You’ll walk away with something tangible you can immediately apply.

Taught as three mini lessons, we’ll start by touching on evolving self-distribution models and how they compare to traditional distribution models. You’ll learn about illuminating new sustainability models through inspiring case studies of how different filmmakers “outside” the traditional industry pay themselves, including how a filmmaker kept 100% of her rights and sustains her career through self-distribution, and how one film team grossed over $1M -- in both cases without festivals or traditional distributors.

Next you’ll receive a simple 1-page personal budget template where we’ll walk through how to set up a simple automated personal budget that’s grounded in your personal financial goals -- including retirement and savings, even if you have irregular freelance income.

Lastly, you’ll create a simple “freedom rubric” to help you confidently balance your financial needs with your artistic ambitions.

As an independent documentary filmmaker, you, as you are, have the creative will, ambition, and skills to design a sustainable career. This welcoming, non-judgmental, and transparent workshop provides tools to help you get there.

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