Soundbath and Guided Meditation Journey

6:00 PM, Thursday 1 Oct 2020 PDT (1 hour)
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This will be a guided meditation with crystal sound bowls to help immerse the mind and body into deeper relaxation. Many indigenous cultures use sound vibration for healing and transformation, and signing bowls deliver vibrations in a huge way. The sound waves from the bowls access the body on a cellular level, helping to gently recalibrate the nervous system and allow it to harmonize with the sound frequencies. This space of relaxation and stillness allows the cells in the body to regenerate and heal. In the meditation we will explore the potentiality of our collective future. As artists and creators, if we don’t take time to visualize the lives we wish to have and share together, they simply will never come to be. Becoming more aware of Collective Consciousness is a powerful tool for transformation and revolution when used effectively. Please join us as we tap in, release, and dream up a future where we co-create abundantly with self and others.

Participants are invited to find a quiet space where they can either lie down or sit comfortably for this experience (blankets, pillows, headphones, bottle of water, etc are encouraged). Some may wish to have a notebook and writing utensil present for any inspiration that may come.
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