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Jason DaSilva

Filmmaker /Founder
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Jason DaSilva is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker and advocate for the disabled community, and founder of AXSLab.

Director Jason DaSilva’s prolific film career spans two decades. He has completed 4 short films and three feature films, and is a frequent writer for the NY Times. The common thread that unifies Jason’s work is the desire to give voice to those on the periphery of society.

DaSilva’s best know for “When I Walk”, which chronicles his life over 7 years as he faces the devastating and degenerative effects Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

When I Walk” was included in the Official Selection of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and won Best Canadian Feature at HotDocs 2013. “When I Walk” was the opening film for the PBS film series, POV in 2014. Subsequently, DaSilva’s “When I Walk” went on to win an Emmy Award for Documentary Long Form in 2015.

Since 2013, DaSilva has been writing and producing Op-Doc (opinion documentary) segments for the  NYTimes. ‘The Long Wait,’ published in January 2013, sheds light on the transit accessibility challenges in NYC. His most recent Op-Doc for the NYTimes, “The Disability Trap”, further reveals the challenges people with disabilities encounter with medical care and coverage when crossing state lines.

The Disability Trap” is part of DaSilva's new feature film, “When We Walk”, which chronicles DaSilva’s struggles to retain his legal right to parent, as he faces mounting challenges for appropriate medical care and coverage in various states. The film offers a comprehensive comparison of state medicaid coverage, and sheds light on a flawed legal and medical system that produces unintentional burden for people with disabilities.

When We Walk” will be ready for festivals later this year.

DaSilva currently lives and works in New York, and continues to advocate for disability rights through his non-profits AXSLab and AXSMap.com.

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