Here’s What Really Happened – Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

15:00, mardi 27 sept. 2016 (1 heure 10 minutes)
NeueHouse Hollywood - Screening Room
Registration required - filmmaker-only session

What if the biggest hit of your filmmaking career was ripped, dismissed, and distorted by (some) critics? What if, rather than seeking the traditional benefits of a theatrical distribution run, you went straight from the festival circuit to worldwide distribution on Netflix in 190 countries on the same day? What if you decided to break out of the box others put you in as an investigative filmmaker, and, instead of the exposé that everyone was expecting, your film took a more positive approach that resonated with millions of viewers? Acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger, who focused on the legal issues around his film Crude at Getting Real 2014, returns with an equally candid consideration of his latest film, this time in conversation with noted filmmaker Brett Morgen. Not a ‘who gets the last laugh’ session, but, rather, an inside look at the risks, costs and benefits of expanding beyond what others expect of you.
Third Eye Motion Picture Co.
Producer / Director
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