Here’s What’s Really Happening – The Force

9:45, jeudi 29 sept. 2016 (1 heure)
Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study - 1st Floor Conference Room
Registration required - filmmaker-only session

For the first time in our Here’s What Really Happened series, rather than take a look back at an already completed film, we explore a film that is happening right now. From the same team that created the award-winning film The Waiting Room, comes The Force — a provocative, of-the-moment, eye-opening observational exploration of the Oakland Police Department. Part of a trilogy of films looking at life inside the three most critical public institutions in Oakland (public hospital, police force, and public school), The Force is shaping up to be an extraordinarily complex, controversial and challenging project. This session will examine such critical issues as navigating difficult access to public institutions and confronting key ethical issues around authorship and storytelling.
Senior Director, Engagement & Impact
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