Visually Speaking 1: Nonfiction Poetics

15:00, mercredi 28 sept. 2016 (1 heure 10 minutes)
NeueHouse Hollywood - Screening Room

A two-part conversation series where leading experimental and documentary filmmakers discuss their working methods and creative languages, exploring the expanded universe of documentary form, structure and imagery and grappling with that age-old conundrum of how to represent the real. Presented with the Flaherty Seminar:

How does one build a distinctive visual vocabulary to represent abstract ideas, like identity, nation and history? What are creative approaches for working outside of conventional image economies to most meaningfully represent a concept and also to engage viewers in deeper and more active ways? How can one use symbolism and visual metaphor to evoke ideas that demand subtlety and complexity in their representation? In this session, two filmmakers who have pushed formal and visual boundaries of how documentaries can represent political histories will discuss their creative processes. 

The Flaherty Seminar
Executive Director