Global Challenges of Public Broadcasting, Part 1 - Focus on Canada and Europe

9:45, jeudi 29 sept. 2016 (1 heure)
The potential threat to public broadcasters from a variety of market, technology and government sources, has major repercussions for documentary filmmakers worldwide. Bringing insightful perspectives from a range of major countries, we will explore the public media landscape in two parts, first focusing on the international perspective, and then diving deep into the future of US public media.
Today, all broadcasters are dealing with critical challenges as they confront a rapidly changing demographic landscape, increased competition from online platforms, and the twin pressures of ratings & financing. In each section, we will focus on how public broadcasters are surviving and/or thriving in this new landscape by examining their strategies on globalization versus localization, fostering diversity in their content and incorporating the disruption of digital into new models. 

Just as public broadcasting in the US is constantly under threat, the same is true in the rest of the world. A cross section of the savviest international broadcasters shares insights into this crisis and explores creative “outside the box” solutions.
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