Digital Diaspora Family Reunion

19:30, lundi 26 sept. 2016 (1 heure 30 minutes)
A live interactive event where shared photographs transform strangers into family. Bring your family photos and enjoy the fun!

The Digital Diaspora Family Reunion (DDFR) is a project developed by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences member Thomas Allen Harris. It is deeply rooted in the quest for cross-generational and multicultural understanding, and creating a sense of empathy among people of differing backgrounds. A Town Hall event, DDFR uses the images that people create every day as the lever to celebrate the connections, shared values and common experiences that unite us all in our basic humanity. The event brings people together to share their family photos with live audiences in a public setting bringing awareness to the power of images to illuminate the human condition, family and spirituality.
To date, DDFR has held over 40 live events in over 30 cities, partnering with local community organizations, they’ve interviewed over 1,500 people, gathered over 25,000 images, recorded over 1,000 hours of video footage, and produced over 100 video modules. The Academy, in partnership with the IDA, is thrilled to host this unique reimagining of the digital “Family Album.”
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