Here’s What Really Happened – The Hunting Ground

12:30, mardi 27 sept. 2016 (1 heure)
Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study - 2nd Floor Conference Room
Registration required - filmmaker-only session

After taking on the issue of sexual assault and institutional cover up in the military in their 2012 Oscar®-nominated tour-de-force The Invisible War, filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering investigated a similar epidemic on college campuses in last year’s equally devastating The Hunting Ground. Whereas one might have expected the world’s strongest military to be the greater adversary, in truth, some of the individuals and institutions held to account in The Hunting Ground reacted by mounting a deliberately false and vindictive campaign against the film, the filmmakers, and its subjects. In this intimate, filmmaker-only session, Kirby and Amy discuss the multi-leveled strategies they employed to stand up to this backlash from powerful institutions and political operatives, and techniques filmmakers can use to counter attacks against documentaries that speak truth to power. 
Documentary / VR Programmer
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