Concordia University


Concordia is a university that wants to grow smartly, and over the last few years, the university has changed its food services to reflect this goal by increasing the amount of local and sustainable food served on campus. Research and resources to better understand food stories and how food choices impact health, the environment and the economy are ongoing and have become a hot topic in the past several years.

Concordia University takes pride in partnering with community members who are addressing social issues that aim to shape our changing world. The Food Secure Canada's 10th National Assembly provides an excellent opportunity for Concordia and the community to get their hands dirty and use this rich experience outside of the classroom to deepen learning and effect change around food systems.

Our team

Provost and Vice-President Academic Affairs
Director, Hospitality
Sutainable Food System Coordinator
PhD candidate - sustainable food systems
M.Sc candidate, Geography, Planning, and Environment
Seasons Jars Researcher/Sales Coordinator/Sales Outreach Coordinator
Executive Director, Budget Planning and Business Development
VP, Services

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