Marché Bonsecours, 330 Rue Saint Paul Est
Driving or taking a taxi is not recommended due to the extent of road construction.

Walking from the Marriott

The walk from the conference location is a rather breezy 25 minutes. Exit the hotel’s front entrance. Turn right onto Rue de la Cathédrale, walk down the hill until Rue Notre-Dame. Turn left and walk along Rue Notre-Dame for approximately 1.6 km until you reach Rue Saint-Claude. Turn right and walk till Rue Saint Paul. Marché Bonsecours will be on the opposite side of the road. It is an enormous building with multiple entrances. Any will do, although you will have to navigate around the construction to get to one of them.

Taking the metro (our subway/underground)

Take the elevator to the Metro and take the basement tunnel from the Marriott to Metro Bonaventure. Alternately, exit the front door, turn right on Rue de la Cathédrale, cross the road, and walk down de la Cathédrale to the metro entrance (approx. 30 m).

If you do not have a weekly pass, purchase either the 2-trip ticket ($6) or the unlimited evening pass ($5, valid only from 6pm-5am). To purchase with a credit card, you must use the kiosk and have a PIN-enabled credit card. No magnetic strip payments.

Take the metro (in direction Montmorency) to Station Champ-de-Mars (3 stops).

Due to construction, you will have to walk around the block. Note that Google Street View is already out of date in some locations. Therefore...

Upon arriving at Champ-de-Mars metro station, take the metro exit to Avenue Viger. Facing Avenue Viger, turn left. Walk down Avenue Viger until Avenue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville (approx. 100 m). Turn left and walk down Avenue de l’Hotel-de-Ville. At the end of this street (T-junction) you will reach Rue Saint Antoine (approx. 125 m). Turn left and walk down Rue Saint Antoine. Turn right into Rue Gosford (first right, approx. 134 m). Walk down Rue Gosford (cross Rue Notre Dame, after which it will be called Rue Saint-Claude) until you reach the end T-junction (Rue Saint Paul). Marché Bonsecours will be on the opposite side of the road. Rue Saint Paul is also full of construction. Navigate around it to any of the entrances. Since Marché Bonsecours is such a large building, it will have multiple street addresses. Your destination is the entrance with the address: 330 Saint Paul Est, which is almost directly opposite Rue Saint-Claude.