Keynote 2: Artistry in GIScience

Thursday Sep 29   09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (1 hour)
The Keynote will take the form of an artist presentation and include the screening of several films. These films are the result of a five-year study of birds and small creatures moving in leaderless perambulations. The project began when video streaming was in its infancy. The films have struck a resonance both as visualizations of complexity and as media objects flying through the web. Today, art and data visualization are being practiced amid a sea change. The presence of photo manipulation tools on citizen camera-phones with Internet connection has created possibilities of new narrative forms. Advances in video compression coupled with personal streaming services are enabling multiple event feeds. How does being a witness, narrator, and visualizer of complex systems, in an ever-changing media landscape contrast with traditional narrative practice?
University of California, Santa Barbara
Rhode Island School of Design

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