Geodemographic Travel to Work Flows into London

Wednesday Sep 28   10:50 AM to 11:10 AM (20 minutes)
travel to workGeodemographicsCensusLondon
We present a method for using geodemographic classifications to profile travel-to-work flows into and within London, UK. Geodemographics have been used in the past to profile these flows, but have focused on the residential locations of flow origins due to limitations in data availability and appropriate spatial units. The 2011 census in England and Wales introduced new spatial units designed specifically for workplace data, leading to creation of a classification of workplaces and workers. Combining this workplace classification with a residential based equivalent means the flows between each can be calculated. This innovative approach results in a two-way classification which can be interrogated to better understand and simplify the complexities of commuting into and within London, thus exploring travel to work within a global city at fine spatial resolution.
University of Southampton

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