Similarity Measures for Network Time Prisms

Thursday Sep 29   01:50 PM to 02:10 PM (20 minutes)
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Space-time path and prisms are time geographic concepts that delimit the potential mobility pattern of an object in space and time. While there is a range of similarity measures for space- time paths, it is quite recently that researchers started to develop similarity measures for STP. This paper proposes a new methodology for measuring the similarity between network time prisms (NTP), the extension of STP to a moving object on a transportation network. A temporal sweeping method reduces the dimensionality of NTPs to a temporal profile curve that summarizes properties of the NTP subnetwork at moments in time. Then, the existing path similarity measures can measure resemblance between the temporal curves for NTP. We demonstrate the method using selected network summary measures derived from graph theory.
Ohio State University
Ohio State University

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