Spatial Data on the Web (SDW16)

Tuesday Sep 27   08:30 AM to 05:30 PM (9 hours)

In their first joint collaboration, the OGC and W3C have established the Spatial Data on the Web Working Group. The group aims at investigating and providing guidance for the following challenges: (1) how can spatial information best be integrated with other data on the Web; (2) how can machines and people discover that different facts in different datasets relate to the same place; (3) and what are existing methods/tools to publish, discover, reuse, and integrate spatial data. The GIScience community has a long standing interest and expertise in many of these issues. Therefore, this workshop aims at bringing researchers together to (1) discuss challenges in publishing spatial data on the Web, (2) identify best practices, (3) point out theoretical foundations that need strengthening, (4) identify common quality issues, (5) improve/develop existing ontologies for the semantic annotation of spatial data, and (6) discuss interface and services that will further improve data linking, sharing, and retrieval across communities.

University of Maryland, College Park
Assistant Professor

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