Semantically Refining the Groundwater Markup Language (GWML2) with the Help of a Reference Ontology

Wednesday Sep 28   05:00 PM to 07:00 PM (2 hours)
first-order logicreference ontologysemantic integrationinteroperabilityhydro ontologygroundwater markup languageontology alignmentontology merging
Reference ontologies are intended to aid domain ontology design, identify gaps and inconsistencies in representations of domain information, and facilitate data interoperability. However, the application of a reference ontology to the water domain is untested. We present findings from using a reference ontology for the water domain, the Hydro Foundational Ontology (HyFO), to refine the semantic precision and cohesion of the Groundwater Markup Language (GWML2), a data model for groundwater information. GWML2 is represented as an extension of HyFO, thereby improving GWML2’s compatibility with other hydro data models and laying the foundation for more automated interoperability between them. More generally, we derive criteria for what constitutes a “good” domain reference ontology that applies across geoscience domains and discuss the benefits one can expect from their use for the ontological analysis of geoscience data models.
University of Maine
University of Maine
Natural Resources Canada

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