Applied CyberGIS in the Age of Complex Spatial Health Data

Thursday Sep 29   03:30 PM to 05:30 PM (2 hours)
CyberGISpublic healthComplex Data
Advances in data acquisition in a number of fields throughout the health spectrum are resulting in large, complex, and diverse data sets. With proliferation of sensor and spatial data acquisition, the analysis and processing of complex spatial health data analytics will become a pressing problem. CyberGIS can offer solutions in this realm, however no systems have been developed that cater to the specific challenges associated with complex spatial health data such as privacy, real-time analytics, data standardization, data integration, workflow provenance, and a front end interface that is accessible to individuals in the public health realm. In this paper we present SPACES, an in-development CyberGIS to address some of these challenges. We discuss the architecture, and present two test case examples of utilizing SPACES for understanding environmental influences on physical activity.
University of California San Diego

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