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Kenneth Ang
Project Manager & Geomatics Lead, Terra Remote Sensing Inc
J. Carl Ayer
Data Scientist, Matrix Solutions Incorporated


James Banting
VP, Research and Strategic Projects, Sparkgeo
Carina Butterworth
Geomatics Instructor, SAIT


Will Cadell
CEO, Sparkgeo
Chiranjib Chaudhuri
Vice President of R&D, Geosapiens


Amina Deiab
Senior Director, Economic Policy
Alonzo de la Cruz
Senior Geomatics Engineer, Suncor Energy Inc.
Mario Duquet
Manager, Geographic Information Systems and Location Intelligence, Elections Canada


David Gachuche
CEO, RiverCross Technologies


Alex Hill-Stosky
Reality Capture Team Lead, Eagle Engineering & Consulting
Nell Hogan
Senior Geospatial Analyst, The City of Calgary
Chris Humphrey
Director of Sales, Pacific Geomatics Limited


Jamie Jack
Geospatial Business Specialist, The City of Calgary
David Jarron
Software Developer, Solv3D


Calvin Klatt PhD
Director and Chief Geodesist, Canadian Geodetic Survey, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Aleksander Kot
Accountant, Doyle & Company Chartered Professional Accountants
Mack Kowalski
LiDAholics consulting
Andrea Krupa
President/CEO, PhotoSat Ltd


Dr. Steve Liang
Founder & CTO & Professor, University of Calgary


Roderick Ma
Regional Sales Manager, CHC Navigation
Jesse Mauch
Project Manager, Sparkgeo
Gordon McElravy
Director, buildingSMART Canada
Kevin Miller
CTO, Solv3D
Bill Moore
President, buildingSMART Canada
Brian Moynihan P.Eng.
Aviation Manager, OGL Engineering
Jonathan Murphy
President & CEO, GoGeomatics Canada


William Parkinson
Technical Product Manager, EarthDaily Analytics
Maude Pelletier
President / CEO, Balko Technologies
Quinn Philippe
Policy Advisor, Natural Resources Canada
Peter Pulsifer
Associate Director & Professor, Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, Carleton University, Chair, Arctic Data Committee, Carleton Univeristy


Cassidy Rankine PhD
Sr. Account Executive, Planet Labs Geomatics


Mamatha Sanapala
GIS Developer, Peloton
Gavin Schrock
Land Surveyor, Consulting Editor for GoGeomatics, GoGeomatics
Prashant Shukle
Chair of the OGC Board of Directors ; Strategic Advisor
Steve Slusarenko
Director, Canadian Underground Infrastructure Register
Peter Srajer
Chief Engineer, ProStar Corporation
Tony Stafford
Sales Engineer, Planet
Emmanuel Stefanakis
Professor and Head Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary


Trevor Taylor
Senior Director, Open Geospatial Consortium, OGC
Kim Tofin
Principal, Leadership and Team Coach, BREAKOUTcx
Jennifer Triana
Director of Business Development, TopoDOT


Marie-Josee Valiquete
Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada


Jack Wang
Regional Director, CHC Navigation
Dr. Tim Webster
Research Scientist, Applied Geomatics Research Group NSCC


Hongzhou Yang
Assistant Professor, University of Calgary


Vince Zafra
GIS Specialist, Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC)

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