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Cloud Native Geospatial Systems: COPC Datasets, STAC Integration, and Large-Scale Processing Techniques - Ticketed Event

Expo Earth Observation Program
12:00 PM, Monday 6 Nov 2023 MST (1 hour)

The workshop focuses on the role of Cloud Optimized Point Clouds (COPC) datasets and the SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC) within geospatial cloud systems. Attendees will gain insights into the Pointcloud Data Abstraction Library (PDAL) and the nuances of creating cloud-native metadata. Demonstrations will showcase practical methods for managing and processing large datasets in cloud infrastructures.

COPC & STAC Overview: Gain a clear understanding of COPC datasets and the role of STAC in geospatial cloud infrastructures.

Data Description with PDAL: Explore PDAL and its potential in automating geospatial data descriptions efficiently.

Cloud Native Metadata Creation: Grasp the process and significance of crafting cloud-native metadata, a vital component for effective cloud-based geospatial data management.

Large-Scale Data Processing: Engage in a demonstration showcasing the techniques to manage and process terabytes of data using cloud-native geospatial methods.

Target Audience:
Professionals in the geospatial domain interested in modernizing their approaches to data processing, management, and cloud integration. This workshop provides a structured and informative approach to integrating cloud infrastructure with geospatial data for optimal outcomes.

Location: SAIT - room TU103 located in the Thomas Riley Building

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VP, Research and Strategic Projects
Project Manager

Who's Attending 

  • Stuart Krause
    Geospatial Data Scientist, Weyerhaeuser Timberlands - Data and Technology Solutions Team (DTST)
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