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A Deep Dive for Leaders into How High Impact Team Coaching Increases Organizational Value and Drives Result - Ticketed Workshop

Decorative image for session A Deep Dive for Leaders into How High Impact Team Coaching Increases Organizational Value and Drives Result - Ticketed Workshop

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12:30 PM, Wednesday 8 Nov 2023 MST (2 hours)
Big Four Roadhouse - Education & Workshop Theatre
Expo Leadership Program
Building upon the earlier presentation "Insights into High Performance Teams. Why the most Successful Teams are Coached", this workshop is designed for Geomatics / EO leaders and senior managers who want to gain a deeper understanding of the value, sustainability, and ROI of team coaching. Whether you already have highly functional teams within your organization, are struggling to find an antidote to the disfunction and underperformance of existing teams, or feel it is time your organization explores how it can develop and benefit from effective teams, this is a "roll up your sleeves" workshop. 


As part of the workshop, you will be invited to participate in confidential assessment exercises on your own organization or existing team.  The results will provide a window into understanding that the transition from pseudo teams to high performing teams is not only possible and necessary but can be much easier and faster than you imagined. 

Very few individual leaders in any industry have all the skills, knowledge, insights, creativity, and experience needed to drive change and succeed.  Geomatics is no exception.   By gaining a fresh perspective through a partial view of your own EO/Geomatics organization, the workshop will help you connect the dots on how team-coached, unified, and self-aware teams can bring together the full cross-functional magnitude of all those attributes – whether they are C-suite and DG leadership teams, or critical teams throughout other levels of the organization. 

A short workbook will be provided that becomes your takeaway.


Kim Tofin, certified Leadership and Team Coach, will offer 2 hours of private 1:1 Team Coaching or Leadership Coaching via online video (Zoom) at no charge for two registered workshop participants (2 hours for each selected person). The selected people will be randomly drawn during the Team Coaching workshop.

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Prabhjot Ashta
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Gurvinder Ashta
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Angus Botting
Geomatics Manager

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