Antoni Di Done

Concordia University
I am currently a final year Environmental Assessment (EA) graduate student at Concordia University with an interest in; policy work and geospatial data analytics. My education has allowed me to acquire a foundational knowledge of federal environmental laws and policies in addition to a comprehensive approach to scoping, data collection and analysis, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Last fall, I had the opportunity to work as a policy analyst intern for Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada and worked on a number of environmental assessments of projects in Canada's Territories. This experience has allowed to become well-versed in the processes and challenges found with the Territories' respective Environmental Assessment laws and policies. My aspiration is to continue working in a milieu that will allow me to put into practice the knowledge and skills I've acquired through my education, ideally in an employment pertaining to policy and/or geospatial data analytics. Specialties: *Empirical Research *Geographic Information Systems *Remote Sensing *Statistics *Public Policy