Julia Merola

GIS Specialist
Aurora Geosciences Ltd.

As a GIS technologist, Julia is responsible for ensuring the geological spatial data that has been collected is standardized and at its highest quality. To do so, she uses file conversion methods to make sure all spatial files are in the same format and in their appropriate coordinate system. She is also responsible for data creation, manipulation and analysis as well as creating cartographic maps of mineral exploration activity in the North.

Daily, she receives requests for topographic maps overlain by other datasets. These datasets can be data collected recently or they can be public or private historical data. Both instances usually require conversion from one file type to another, conversion from one coordinate system to another and/or analysis. Once the data is in a format that can be presented on a map, she displays it on the maps requested. These maps are typically made for reports or presentations. Julia began her job in Yellowknife with the aspiration to be a part of increasing usable data collection in the North.

“There is so much of Northern Canada that hasn’t been explored. The more public data that can be available, the better it is for everyone. I am grateful to be in a position where I can be a part of that,” she said.