James Banting

Software Developer

A curious child, James loved maps from the very beginning. On family road trips, he had pen and paper in hand. This allowed him to draw maps of the areas they travelled to. He later studied at the University of Lethbridge.

James worked in the industry for 12 years, and was president of a GIS consulting firm. He joined us recently. This was, in part, so he could work with a team that applies a software development mindset to remote sensing. Most of James’ work is in remote sensing, data science, and GIS. He’s enthusiastic about the business applications for machine learning on remotely-sensed data.

James appreciates how his Sparkgeo colleagues provide feedback on his ideas. He also likes how the company distills complex geospatial problems into actionable answers. Recently, he worked on an autogenerated documentation project. This allowed his client to provide public access to a new business offering.

Like many of his colleagues, James loves working remotely. That said, he misses being able to speak face-to-face with his team members. He credits Sparkgeo’s yearly all-hands meeting, in Prince George, as a way to reconnect with the team.

Coming from an oil and gas consulting background, James sees big opportunities. He feels that many in that sector don’t yet realize the promise of geospatial technology. This makes him keen to work with clients who wish to explore these possibilities.

James feels a deep desire to understand the world better. He also believes that we need to look beyond the planet, into space, to find ways to support our population.

James has visited Turkmenistan, Iran, Kosovo, and Turkey. Next, he wants to visit Iceland, so he can see some black sand beaches. After hours, James likes woodworking, rugby, hiking, and spending time with family. He owns a World’s Best Dad coffee mug.