Dallas Rathbone - Talk: The Future of Discrete Global Grid Systems

10:00 AM, Wednesday 19 Jun 2019 (30 minutes)
GeoSpatial One
Global Grid Systems is on the leading edge of DGGS technology and is applying it in many exciting applications.

A Discrete Global Grid (DGG) is a partition of the Earth’s surface into a set of regions (a.k.a. cells) containing a single point and meeting the needs for global sampling, storage, modeling, processing, analysis, discovery, integration, and visualization.
We're building an engine that powers applications in marketing, telecommunications, insurance, and government agencies. We're showing how DGGS solves unique problems in a novel way, and we'll describe some of the advantages of using a DGGS technology. We'll look at the state of DGGS technology and some of the unique applications, as well as where the future of our DGGS technology.
DGGS-Powered Applications:
Wireless Network Planning and Operation
Cell-based DGGS processing methods allow a reduction in operations for area-based analysis. We're using our DGGS to provide fast and efficient 5/6G line of sight analysis and network monitoring tools.

Marketing Segmentation Analysis
Our technology is powering a marketing segmentation SaaS platform enabling agencies to perform more direct research on segments based on location and other datasets. Their clients use this research for planning new developments and inventory.

Insurance and Risk Management
We are working with several partners in government, insurance, and risk to develop a natural disaster risk management tool. Through our DGGS, we are able to create dynamic hazard maps. These maps are then used to determine asset exposure to climate change and natural disasters.

The future of DGGS:
We are expanding our efforts into 3D DGGS. There are many efforts in this area, and we’re excited to be pushing the envelope in this space. We’re working on a platform that will support the merging and analysis of 2D and 3D data quickly and efficiently, while still supporting
Global Grid Systems
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