How Drones Support Geospatial Data Collection & Applications

10:00 AM, Monday 6 Dec 2021 (3 hours)
  Virtual session
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Participants of this 3 hour workshop will learn the technologies involved in state-of-the-art geospatial data collection. A discussion of how drones best fit into the geospatial data collection toolbox will allow participants of all levels understand their uses. Instructors will describe the uses of geospatial data and how drones can be used to generate imagery and primary data. 

Those aspiring to comprehend the uses and opportunities, discover general theoretical topics with respect to drones, and learn to implement a basic workflow from imagery data collection to data processing and deliverables can benefit from this introduction.

The course is tailored to:

  • Beginners, non-technical managers, and executives seeking an understanding of the role and importance of geospatial data.
  • Drone Pilots and Drone Data Processing Operators will obtain a clear picture of the broad range of geospatial data collection techniques involved.
  • The theory behind drone data collection and explain how to implement your skills in the most suitable, efficient, and profitable workflow.
  • Highlight scenarios for advanced users to understand and generate multitasking opportunities within the sector.

This online workshop is divided into three sections: 

  1. From a dot to a 3D map and more to get to the WHY we use geospatial technologies.
  2. WHAT are the fundamentals of Surveying and Photogrammetry, GNSS and geospatial data?
  3. HOW geospatial challenges and fundamentals are implemented in a typical workflow for mapping using drones and post processing software.

Two industry experts will guide you in three different sessions 

  • Emanuele Traversari, Drone to Business CEO
  • J. Carlos Maia, Photogrammetric engineer.

This workshop is tailored to participants at all levels. Those drone users, both new and advanced, seeking to comprehend the geospatial market, discover the key theory, key tools, and procedures as well as important topics behind drone image mapping, without getting lost in complexity. Participants will finally learn how to implement a basic business workflow from imagery data collection to data processing and depicting reliable and accurate deliverables.

Participants will get a clear picture of how drones fit into the broader context of geospatial data collection. Drone strengths and weaknesses will be explored along with some of the limitations and opportunities available using drones. 

Are the learning materials included? 
The only thing you need is an internet connection and Zoom.

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