Michael Cook
Senior Applications Engineer, TopoDOT
Jean-Michel Dupé
Segment Manager Rail/Monitoring, Cansel
Jordan Herrmann
Technical Sales Manager, Emesent
Dennis Hirota
President, Sam O. Hirota Inc.
Stefan Hrabar
CEO and Co-Founder, Emesent
Cecile Jacques
Head of Marketing, Emesent
Amar Kalsi
Segment Manager - Terrestrial Scanning, Cansel
Marek Koltun
Senior Account Executive - Enterprise and Partners, NavVis
David Laflamme
Segment manager, Aerial and Terrestrial Imaging, Cansel
Jonathan Murphy
Managing Director, GoGeomatics Canada
Gene Roe
CEO, Lidar News
John Russo
President/CEO, USIBD
Michael Sitar
Managing Director, RIEGL Canada
Jennifer Triana
Business Development Director, TopoDOT

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