Mr. Sergio Monteleone

University Center of FEI (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Mr. Sergio Monteleone is a researcher of IoT Laboratory and PHD student in Business Administration at FEI University Center (Sao Paulo, Brazil). He has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering - Production Area - at FEI University Center (2017) and a degree in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering - Milan Polytechnic (1995). He has experience as lecturer and researcher at LIUC University and SDA Bocconi in Italy. He has solid experience of more than 15 years as executive with consulting firms and multinational companies in the areas of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, with emphasis on Supply Chain Management, Logistics, IT, E-business. His research interests are: Internet of Things, Agriculture 4.0, Cold Chain Management, Healthcare, Agribusiness, Logistics, Supply Chain Management.