Jorge Berzosa Macho

Researcher and Project Leader

Jorge Berzosa Macho works as Researcher and Project Leader in IK4-Tekniker (Electronics and Communication Department) and he is the responsible of the Industrial IoT specialization line. Jorge holds a MSc in Computer Science and is performing a PhD in the feasibility of High Level Data Models and Protocols over resource-constrained devices and networks.

His interests lay in the area of the WSNs (data models, resource-constrained systems, routing, localization, monitoring…) and its application to pervasive systems (user interactions, ubiquity, constrained services,…). In this field, he has and is actively participating in industrial projects as well as the European projects TIBUCON (FP7), URBGrade (FP7), eVACUATE (FP7), AMBASSADOR (FP7), INACHUS (FP7), HIT2GAP (H2020) among others.