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Román Torre Sánchez


Román Torre Sánchez (Asturias, Spain, 1978), has workedconceptualizing, conducting and collaborating in all kinds of visual andinteractive production of all sizes, from small devices to art installations ormedium scenography format to great visual productions on stage such asdance or opera.He has presented his work in Spain in places as LABoral art center in Gijón(Lifefloor 2008-2012), Reina Sofia Museum, Matadero center in Madrid(Avatar* 2010) or Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona (RESET 2016).Internationally also he show his works and collaborations with other artistsin different institutions, museums or theaters in countries like Egypt, Cairo(Lifefloor 2008), Portugal, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Slovenia, France &UK (Avatar* 2009 to 2013), Japan, Tokyo (Orestiada / La Fura dels Baus2012), Germany, Munich (Babylon / La Fura dels Baus 2012), etc.