Sérgio Figueiredo

Technical Project Manager
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Dr. Sérgio Figueiredo (male) is currently a Technical Project Manager at IPN, leading multiple R&D initiatives and acting as Coordinator of ARCADIAN-IoT project, having over 13 years experience in Telecom & ICT R&D acquired both in academia and industry. Before joining IPN, he led multiple ICT R&D initiatives at Altran, covering both internal, national and European proposals and projects, spanning topics such as 5G, Edge Computing, IoT or V2X, and acted as work package leader in national Mobilizer 5G Project (5Go). He was previously a researcher in Telecommunications Institute – Aveiro, contributing to 4WARD and MEDIEVAL FP7 Projects with research were distributed mobility management, IP multicast mobility and mobile video support. He has more than 20 publications in several conference venues and international journals, and contributed to IETF standardization WGs (DMM, MULTIMOB and PIM). 

He received his Doctorate degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (MAP-Tele Program) in 2015, from the Universities of Aveiro, Porto and Minho, having previously completed the Master in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications from the University of Aveiro in 2008. 

Sessions in which Sérgio Figueiredo participates

Wednesday 20 October, 2021

Time Zone: (GMT+01:00) Brussels