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Digital Transformation and Use Cases

0:00, Thursday 21 Oct 2021 (1 hour)

The Road to Digital Transformation

By Stephen Mellor, CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium

Connecting industrial plant to the internet enables businesses to transform themselves digitally to create new products and services and to create new business models to monetize their offerings. But this is a road going uphill. Where do you start? How do you address ossified organizational, operational, and business practices? What do you need to jumpstart change? And where are you heading anyway? This presentation will map the road to digital transformation, illustrate the learnings and resources the Industrial Internet Consortium can bring to bear and look to the future.Understanding the Nature of Digital 

Twin – Digital Twin Challenges & Values; Empowering Businesses

By Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium 

The term digital twin is being used with increasing frequency, but with little consistency, across multiple industries today. Digital Twin Consortium is working to address this and  help industries better understand the advantages and value over the continum of digital twins from discrete to complex.

Learn about the challenges the Digital Twin Consortium membership is working to address and its priorities. Gain a clear understanding through real-world use cases how  businesses are  recognizing value today through use of digital twins an enbaling  technologies

Industry IoT Consortium
Digital Twin Consortium

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