Alexey Andrushevich

Senior Researcher
iHomeLab of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences
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  Alexey Andrushevich is a senior researcher at the iHomeLab of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. He has received his Master of Science in Embedded Systems Design from the University of Lugano in continuation to research in Radio-Frequency Identification.  Previously he completed the 5-year program at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Belarusian State University, with focus on Optimization Algorithms. He is performing research and managing research projects on adaptive user interfaces and building management systems as well as optimization aspects of embedded and networked systems. He has co-authored around 50 publications in scientific books, journals, and conference proceedings. He teaches courses on Intelligent Buildings and Internet of Things as well as coaches undergraduate students.  

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Friday June 9, 2017

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