• Dr. Davide Bacciu, Assistant Professor of Machine Learning at the Computer Science Department, University of Pisa
  • Ajith Balakumar, CEO, Forthcode
  • Hamza Baqa, Researcher and PhD Candidate, Easy Global Market
  • Jean Yves Barcelo
  • Martin Bauer, Senior Standardization Engineer, NEC Laboratories Europe
  • George Beers, Project Coordinator, SmartAgriHubs
  • Marc-Elian Bégin, CEO & Co-founder, SixSq
  • Helmi Ben Hmida, Senior Researcher and Project Manager, Smart Living Competence Center in the Fraunhofer Institute
  • Emmanuel Benoist, Professor for Computer Science, Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Alexander Berlin, CEO, Berlin Thinking Consulting
  • Stefano Bianchi, Research Team Leader & Project Manager, Softeco Sismat
  • Phillippa Biggs, Senior Policy Analyst, ITU
  • Adriana Blanco
  • Enrique Blanco, Head of Process Control Systems and Safety Beam Department, CERN
  • Patrick Blankers, Head of Sustainability & Corporate responsibility for the region Western & Central Europe, Ericsson
  • Yann Bocchi, Professor and Head of the Software Engineering Unit / Committee Member, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) Valais / Swiss Mobility Lab
  • Zsuzsanna Bódi, Association Manager, European Network of LivingLabs - ENoLL ivzw
  • Franck Boissière, Policy Coordinator & Programme Officer, European Commission
  • Luca Bolognini, President, Istituto Italiano per la Privacy e la Valorizzazione dei Dati
  • John Bothos, Associate Researcher, Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL)
  • Mustapha Bouraoui, Vice-President Strategic Marketing Europe, Middle East and Africa, STMicroelectronics
  • Jonas Breuer, Research Associate and Project Manager, Imec
  • Raphael Briner, Chief Marketing Officer, Elium
  • Arne Bröring, Research Scientist, Siemens
  • Davide Brunelli, Assistant Professor, University of Trento
  • Martin Brynskov, Associate Professor in Interaction Technologies, Aarhus University
  • Reinhard Budich
  • Cristina Bueti, Counselor of ITU-T Study Group 20 “Internet of things (IoT) and smart cities and communities (SC&C), ITU - International Telecommunication Union
  • Francoise Burhenne
  • Martin Bürki, Country Manager, Ericsson Switzerland
  • Martin Burns, Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Reinhard Bütikofer, Member of the European Parliament (Greens/EFA) and the Co-Chair of the European Green Party (EGP), European Parliament


  • Juan Cadavid, Responsible for European Affairs at the Software and Systems Engineering Department, CEA LIST
  • Monique Calisti, CEO Martel Innovate & President Digital for Planet, Martel Innovate
  • Jan Camenish, Principal Research Staff Member, IBM Research
  • Joe Cannataci, Special Rapporteur, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Domenica Carriero, Associate Economic Affairs Officer, UNECE
  • Marco Carugi, Senior Consultant, ITU-T SG20 and AIOTI WG03
  • Gonzalo Casas, The Things Network, Zurich Community
  • Tony Cass, CERN
  • Filippo Cavallo, Assistant Professor, BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, (Pisa, Italy)
  • c.c c.c
  • Giovanna Centonze, Responsible of performing analysis of big data, TPG
  • Vinton G. Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
  • Giorgio Cesana, Director of Technology Marketing, Front - End Manufacturing and Technology R&D Group/ Executive Co - Director, STMicroelectronics/SOI Industry Consortium
  • Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, World Health Organization
  • Andrew Charlesworth, Reader in Information Technology Law / Director, University of Bristol
  • Karel Charvat, Representative of HSRS, OGC Agriculture DWG
  • Parag Chatterjee, Professor-Researcher, National Technological University (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional), Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Hyojkeun Choi, Product Manager and Development Leader of IoT/BigData Platform "Insator", SamsungSDS R&D Center
  • Philippe Cina, International Markets, Head of Business Development, PostBus Switzerland
  • Jean Francòis Ciparisse, Ph.D. student in Industrial Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • Flavio Cirillo, Research Scientist of theCloud Services and Smart Things group, NEC Laboratories Europe
  • James Clarke, EU Strategic Liaison Manager, Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Louis Coetzee, Chief Engineer and Research Group Leader, CSIR Meraka Institute (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), South Africa
  • Marius-Iulian Corici, Senior Researcher, Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute
  • Bev Corwin, OWASP
  • Philippe Cousin, Easy Global Market
  • Roman Cueni, La Poste



  • Juergen Ehrensberger, Professor in Telecommunications, HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland)
  • Omar Elloumi, Bell-Labs Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Nokia
  • Shirin Enshaeifar, Research Fellow, University of Surrey
  • Jarmo Eskelinen, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Future Cities Catapult




  • Kai Hackbarth, Senior Technology Evangelist IoT and Connected Products, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
  • Silvia Hagen, Chair/CEO, Swiss IPv6 Council/Sunny Connection AG
  • Thomas Hahn, Chief Expert Software, Siemens AG
  • Stephan Haller, Dozent, Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Edwin Hecker, Managing Partner, SmartAgriHubs
  • Juergen Heiles, Corporate Standardization Manager, Siemens AG
  • Didier Hélal, Co-founder, Strategic Accounts Senior Director, Orbiwise
  • Dirk Helbing, Professor of Computational Social Science, ETH Zurich
  • Christopher Hemmens, Lead Researcher in end-user engagement, Mandat International
  • Fred Herren, Chief Operating Officer Africa, SGS Group Management Ltd
  • Juan José Hierro, Chief Technology Officer/Chairman, Fiware Foundation/Fiware Technical Steering Committee
  • Antonio Hodgers, Conseiller d'Etat chargé du département de l'aménagement, du logement et de l'énergie (DALE), Canton of Geneva
  • Jan Höller, Research Fellow, Ericsson AB
  • Marita Holst, Senior Project Manager at Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology and Botnia Living Lab, Lulea University of Technology (LTE)
  • Laurent Horvath, Smart City Delegate, City of Carouge
  • Xiaohong Huang, Professor, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications (BUPT)
  • Thorsten Hülsmann, Director, Industrial Data Space Association IDSA
  • Diwata Hunziker, WWG


  • Danh Iephuoc, Technical University of Berlin
  • Heini Ikävalko, Researcher, Aalto University School of Business
  • Ricardo Inamasu, Pesquisador, Automação e Agricultura de Precisão Embrapa Instrumentação São Carlos/SP
  • Peggy Irelan, Telemetry, Data Architectures and IoT Solutions, Intel Fellow
  • Mauro Isaja, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SPA



  • Robert Kahn, CEO and President, CNRI - Corporation for National Research Initiatives
  • Georgios Karagiannis, Principal strategist in Standardisation and Industry Development, Huawei Technologies Duesseldorf GmbH
  • Alexandre Karlov, Professor, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland in School of Business and Engineering Vaud
  • Edward Kelley, Director for the Department of Service Delivery and Safety, WHO
  • Christine Kendrick, Air Quality Lead/Smart Cities Project Manager, City of Portland | Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
  • Martin Kern, SERI
  • Matthias Kern
  • Yasir Khokhar, Founder and CEO, Connecterra
  • Eunah Kim, Head of Research and Development, Device Gateway SA & UDG Alliance
  • Jaeho Kim, Managerial Researcher, IoT Platform Research Center at the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)
  • Joe Klein, Founder and CTO, CISSP - Disrupt 6
  • Marcello Knorich Zuffo, Full Professor at Politecnic Engineering School, Univeridade de São Paulo (USP)
  • Sename Koffi, Woelab (fablab) ,Lome , TOGO
  • Sergio Takeo Kofuji, Professor Dr., Escola Politécnica Da Universidade De Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Dimitri Konstantas, Full Professor / Director, Interfaculty Computer Science Centre / Information Science Institute (ISI) of the Geneva School of Economics and Management of the University of Geneva
  • Nikolaos Kontinakis, Senior Projects Coordinator, EUROCITIES
  • Georges Kotrotsios, Member of the Executive Board, CSEM
  • Guy-Michel KOUAKOU, SG20
  • Srdjan Krco, CEO of DunavNET and Vice-President of the IoT Forum, DunavNET
  • Bernard Kuiten, Head of External Relations, World Trade Organization
  • Slawomir Kuklinski, Ekspert R&D, Orange Polska
  • Joanna Kulik, Software Engineer, Google, Inc
  • Benjamin Kumpf, Leader of the Innovation Facility of the UN Development Programme, UNDP
  • Antonio Kung, CEO, Trialog



  • Nelson Malaguti, Counsellor Radiocommunication Bureau (BR), International Telecommunication Union (ITU)


  • Akihiro Nakao, Director, Collaborative Research Institute for NGCI,Next-Generation Cyber Infrastructure, University of Tokyo
  • Achime Malick NDIAYE, SG20
  • Paul Nemitz, Principal Adviser for Strategies for cross-cutting justice policies or legal actions, European Commission
  • Selena Nemorin, Researcher, Department of Media and Communications for the VIRT-EU research project: Values and Ethics in Innovation for Responsible Technology in Europe
  • Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Director, IoT, Forum Virium Helsinki
  • Sotiris Nikoletseas, IoT Lab
  • Alexander Ntoko, Chief of the Operations and Planning Department, ITU - International Telecommunication Union


  • Alexis Oliverau, Ingénieur Chercheur, CEA - Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives
  • Kathleen Olstedt, Manager Innovation & Cooperation, European Innovation Hub
  • Andrea Onetti, Vice President, General Manager MEMS Sensor Division, STMicroelectronics
  • Alex Osterwalder, Osterwalder
  • Nabil Ouerhani, Computer Science Professor, Computer ScUniversity of Applied Sciences (HES -SO)




  • Dave Raggett, Senior Researcher, W3C
  • Tushar Raju, Project Manager, European Platforms Initiative (IoT-EPI)
  • Sureswaran Ramadass, Prof Emeritus, Internet Engineering. Chairman, Steering Committee, ITU-MUST IPv6 and IoT Center of Expertise
  • Florence Raynal, Deputy Director, Head of the Department of European and International Affairs, CNIL
  • Shahid Raza, Director of Cybersecurity, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
  • Yassin Rekik, Computer Sciences Professor, University of Applied Sciences - Western Switzerland (HES-SO)
  • Benoît Revaz, Director, Swiss Federal Office for Energy
  • Rolf Riemenschneider, Head of Sector, "Internet of Things" Unit, DG CONNECT, European Commission
  • Ricardo Rivera, Sectorial Manager, BNDES
  • Andrei Robachevsky
  • Jorge Rodrigues, Sales director for Industry & Society in Switzerland, Ericsson
  • Raphael Rollier, Responsable du programme Smart City, Swisscom
  • Carsten Rossenhoevel, Managing Director and co-founder, EANTC AG (European Advanced Networking Test Center
  • Paolo Ruti, chief of the World Weather Research Division, World Meteorological Organization (UN)


  • Dario Sabella, Secretary of ETSI MEC, Intel
  • Alessandro Saffiotti, Orebro University, Cognitive Robotic Systems laboratory
  • Yasir Saleem, Research Engineer, Wireless Networks and Multimedia Services Department, Telecom SudParis
  • José Gustavo Sampaio Gontijo, Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Digital Innovation & Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Science
  • Luis Sánchez, Associate Professor at the Department of Communications Engineering, University of Cantabria
  • Ziqin Sang, Vice Chairman, ITU-T Study Group on IoT and Smart Cities and Communities (SG20), Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Ana Lizeth Santos Hernandez, Director of Finance and Administration Bureau and Human Resource Manager, National Commission of Telecommunications of Honduras
  • Kamran Sayrafian, Program Lead, NIST
  • Manuel Schweizer, Founder/Member of the Board, Cloudscale.ch AG/SwissIX Internet Exchange
  • Ulrich Seldeslachts, ulrich@anakyn.be
  • Martin Serrano, IoT Unit Head, Principal Investigator & Data Scientist at Insight Centre for data Analytics and Chair at i3-MARKET, Insight Centre for Data Analytics - NUI Galway
  • Uri Shani, Research Staff Member, IBM
  • Abhishek Sharma, Founder and MD, Beyond Evolution TechSolutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pieter Simoens, Professor, Ghent university, IMEC
  • Andrea Siviero, Research Manager / Leader, IDC's Customer Insights & Analysis Group / IDC European IoT Practice
  • Antonio Skarmeta, Professor, Universidad de Murcia
  • Niels Peter Skov Andersen, General Manager, Car 2 Car Forum
  • Adrian Slatcher, City of Manchester
  • Jan Sliwa, Researcher, Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Maria Sokhn, Professor / Head of the Data Semantics Lab / VP, HES-SO / eGov Innovation Center
  • John Soldatos, Senior R&D Consultant and Innovation Delivery Specialist, INTRASOFT International
  • Dr. Christoph Sommer
  • JaeSeung Song, assistant professor, leading the SESlab Computer and Information Security Department, Sejong University
  • Sergios Soursos, Master R&D Engineer, Intracom SA Telecom Solutions
  • James St-Pierre, James St. Pierre, Deputy Director Information Technology Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Anna Ståhlbröst, Professor, Head of Subject & Division, Luleå University of Technology
  • Nathalie Stembert, Human-Centered Researcher and Designer, Stembert Design
  • Lee Stogner, Industrial Relations, IEEE Region 3
  • Jürgen Sturm, Chair of the Management Board, AIOTI
  • Tanya Suarez, Board Member of AIOTI, Founder of IoT Tribe and CEO of BlueSpecs, BluSpecs
  • Marimuthu Swami Palaniswami, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director/Convener of Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP), University of Melbourne


  • Alexandru-Adrian Tantar, co-founder and Vice-President Research & Innovation, Black Swan LUX
  • Dr. Emilia Tantar, Chief Operating Officer, Black Swan LUX
  • Tiago Teixeira, Leader of the design, specification and development of the open-source plug-&-sense platform, H2020 WAZIUP
  • Ad Ten Berg, Office Director, ARTEMIS Industry Association
  • Ye Tian, Executive Deputy Director, Internet of Things Information Technology and Application Laboratory of the Computer Network Information Center (CNIC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
  • Andrea Toth, ERTICO
  • Elias Z. Tragos, Project Manager of FIESTA-IoT, Insight Centre for Data Analytics National University of Ireland
  • Athinas Trakas, Services Director Europe, Open Geospatial
  • Vlad Mihai Trifa, Head of Digital Lab, Swisscom
  • Hannes Tschofenig, Chair, ACE






  • Sheng-Ann Yu, Director Cloud Group Function Technology, Ericsson



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