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IoT 4 Developing countries – Emerging IoT solutions in developing countries

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9:00 AM, Friday 9 Jun 2017 (1 hour)
Emerging IoT Researches and Technologies

The focus of the session is to communicate IoT champion solutions from developing countries/regions to let the audience know what about nice IoT solutions, technologies, applications are being developed in the target regions/countries to address specific requirements and local constraints. The session aims to foster joint collaboration between the EU and developing countries to work together on common problems and develop IoT technologies that are sustainable and that promote sustainability.


From attending the session you can get the following content:

- Understand the specific conditions/needs/challenges/strategies for IoT on key target countries/regions;

- Get a view of innovative technologies/solutions/approaches being used for IoT in developing countries;

- Overlook the activities/projects already undergoing in the countries/regions and their merits/advances;


Outline programme of the session:

1. Emerging IoT solutions from Brazil – Alberto Paradisi, CPqD Vice-President R&D, 15 mins

2. Smart Cities and Services in India – Prof. M.P. Gupta, Head of Department DMS, IIT Delhi, 15 mins

3. Emerging IoT solutions from Africa – Louis Coetzee, CSIR, South Africa, 15 mins

4. Questions & Answers – 5 mins


A goal of the session is also to plan the preparation of a white-paper (or set of white-papers) that makes clear the International Collaboration on IoT with Europe.

Another objective could be to contribute to the International Declaration on IoT for Sustainable development with a focus on the SDGs related to developing countries. 

My Session Status

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