End-user Engagement: Multi-stakeholder Co-creation for IoT Contexts (Part II)

4:15 PM, Tuesday 6 Jun 2017 (1 hour 15 minutes)

During this 4-hour workshop, U4IoT* provides a hands-on introduction on Multi-Stakeholder Co-Creative Workshops, a methodology designed to support Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) to engage end-users in their projects.


The workshop will be facilitated around five topics corresponding to the context of the five LSPs - Smart Mobility, Smart Entertainment, Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities and Smart Health. Enabled by a handbook and toolkit, participants will experience a full co-creative cycle that will result in a variety of use cases and co-created solutions informing the future design and development phases of the LSP projects.


The workshop will be closed with a discussion exploring the possibilities on how U4IoT can support LSPs to implement the Co-Creative Workshop methodology into their projects and provide LSP partners with training to autonomously organize and facilitate Co-Creative Workshops.


Besides LSP partners also visitors of the IoT week are welcome to participate.


*U4IoT is a CSA that supports European Large Scale Pilots to engage end-users in their projects. In the coming three years, a variety of end-user engagement tools and support services will be made available with the aim to make end-user engagement an integral and continuous part of large scale technical projects. More information about the CSA project can be found on the website: www.u4iot.eu.


Luleå University of Technology
Professor, Head of Subject & Division
Stembert Design
Human-Centered Researcher and Designer
Lulea University of Technology (LTE)
Senior Project Manager at Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology and Botnia Living Lab

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