GIoTS Paper Session: IoT Enabling Technologies II

Paper Sessions
Tuesday Jun 05   11:30 AM to 01:00 PM (1 hour 30 minutes)

  • 1570429879 “Partial On-Off Keying - A Simple Means to Further Improve IoT Performance”: Dennis Sundman (Ericsson, Sweden); Miguel Lopez and Leif R Wilhelmsson (Ericsson AB, Sweden)
  • 1570430027 “Surveying and Identifying the Communication Platforms of the Internet of Things”: Stefan Forsström, Ulf Jennehag and Patrik Osterberg (Mid Sweden University, Sweden); Victor Kardeby and Jonas Lindqvist (RISE Acreo AB, Sweden)
  • 1570430108 “Comparison of CoAP and MQTT Performance Over Capillary Radios”: Anna Larmo (Ericsson Research, Finland); Pontus Arvidson and Roman Chirikov (Ericsson AB, Sweden); Luis Felipe Del Carpio (Ericsson Research, Finland)
  • 1570434411 “Swarm Minimum Broker: an approach to deal with the Internet of Things heterogeneity”: Laisa C. P. Costa (University of Sao Paulo & LSI-TEC, Brazil); Pablo César Calcina Ccori, Geovane Fedrecheski, Douglas Navarro and Renan Lino (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil); Marcelo K Zuffo (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

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