Bruno Michel

Dr. Sc. Nat.
IBM Research - Zurich
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Bruno Michel received a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry and computer engineering from the University of Zurich subsequently joined IBM Research to work on scanning probe microscopy and accurate large-area soft lithography. As part of the Advanced Micro Integration effort he improved thermal interfaces and miniaturized convective cooling. Based on this technology and heat driven heat pumps he demonstrated improved efficiency and energy re-use in datacenters, photovoltaic thermal solar concentrators. He developed microfluidics, 3D packaging with interlayer cooling and electro-chemical chip power supply as a new density roadmap that can replace the currently slowing Moore’s law. Most recently he focusses on smart system integration of IoT and wearable devices combining efforts that span from new sensing principles over ultra-miniaturized compute platforms to multi sensor data fusion and cognitive computing.


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Monday June 4, 2018

2:30 PM
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