Marian Gabilondo

BIND 4.0 Coordinator
Participates in 1 Session

Marian has been working 18 years in Bic Gipuzkoa. She has developped their professional skills in differents projects related to IT and Entrepreneurship. Nowadays, Marian is BIND 4.0 Coordinator.

BIND 4.O is a public-private accelerator program located in the Basque Country. BIND 4.0 is aimed at the best startups with solutions based on industry 4.0 tehcnologies  .  The program offers the best support services and guarantees the development of projects with high-level companies with presence in the Basque Country such as Mercedes-Benz Vitoria, ABB, Bridgestone, Iberdrola, Repsol-Petronor, Michelin, and Danobat Group. This innovative program boosts the immersion of international startups in one of the most vibrant industrial ecosystems in Europe, promoting synergies and real turnover with large industrial companies.

Sessions in which Marian Gabilondo participates

Tuesday June 5, 2018

12:00 PM
12:00 PM