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Workshop on Industrial Internet of Things Security (WIIoTS) (Part I)

Paper Sessions
2:30 PM, Monday 4 Jun 2018 (1 hour 45 minutes)
Coffee Break   04:15 PM to 04:45 PM (30 minutes)

The Industrial Internet of Things (110T) is an emerging paradigm in today's (control) industry, comprising Internet-enabled cyber-physical devices with the ability to couple to the new interconnection technologies such as cloud/fog computing. Under this perspective, the new industrial cyber-physical "things" can be accessible and available from remote locations, the information of which can be processed and stored in distributed locations, favoring the cooperation, the performance in field, and the achievement of operational tasks working at optimal times. However, the incorporation of the 110T in the new scenarios of the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, entails having to consider the new security and privacy issues that can threaten the wellbeing of the new 110T ecosystem and its coexistence with the existing industrial technologies, with a high risk of impact on the end-users. 

Therefore, this workshop will create a collaboration platform for experts from academia, governments and industry to address the new 110T security and privacy challenges. Papers related to security and privacy of embedded systems working in industrial and control environments, such as SCADA, smart grid, smart cities manufacturing systems, water systems, and in critical infrastructures in general, are all welcome at WIIoTS 2018. The technical topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Interoperable 110T ecosystem-level security and privacy challenges 
  • 110T governance, regulation and standards 
  • Cross-layer threat modelling in 110T and risk assessment 
  • Lightweight cryptography and key management 
  • Lightweight 110T security protocols and AAA services for 110T Collaborative and trustworthy 110T frameworks and architectures 
  • Privacy-preserving models and anonymization techniques for 110T 
  • Secure 110T data storage and Big Data 
  • Location privacy and trust management 
  • Intrusion detection, anomaly diagnosis and situational awareness for 110T 
  • Response and resilience to 110T cyber-attacks 
  • Incident management and 110T forensics 
  • Case studies and practical validations: SCADA, energy, water, smart factory, etc. 

1570433501 “Implementing Cyber-Security Measures in Airports to Improve Cyber-Resilience”: Georgia Lykou and Argiro Anagnostopoulou (Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece); Dimitris Gritzalis (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece)

1570437300 “A Privacy, Security, Safety, Resilience and Reliability Focused Risk Assessment Methodology for IIoT Systems”: Emilio Nakamura (Fundação CPqD, Brazil); Sérgio Ribeiro (CPqD, Brazil)

1570437675 “De-pseudonymization of Smart Metering Data: Analysis and Countermeasures”: Sara Cleemput (KU Leuven ESAT/COSIC, Belgium); Mustafa Asan Mustafa, Eduard Marin and Bart Preneel (KU Leuven, Belgium)

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