GIoTS Paper Session: IoT Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios I

Paper Sessions
Thursday Jun 07   09:00 AM to 10:45 AM (1 hour 45 minutes)

  • 1570422411 “SMELs: A Data-driven Middleware for Smart Miscellaneous Electrical Load Management in Buildings”: Balaji Kalluri Mallikarjuna (ETH Zurich & Singapore ETH Centre, Singapore); Andreas Kamilaris (Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology & Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain); Sekhar Kondepudi, Kua Harn Wei and Kwok Wai Tham (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
  • 1570429404 “Smart water distribution network solution for smart cities: Indian scenario”: Sri Naresh K, Gokulkrishnan G, Aman Kale, Mohanasundaram Sulur Veeramani, V Dwarakanath, Annie Joyce Vullamparthi and Haribabu Pasupuleti (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India)
  • 1570430273 “Lighting IoT Test Environment (LITE) Platform: Evaluating Light-Powered, Energy Harvesting Embedded Systems”:Henry Bishop, Peng Wang, Dawei Fan, John Lach and Benton Calhoun (University of Virginia, USA)
  • 1570435203 “Development of an Energy-efficient Adaptive IoT Gateway Model for Precision Agriculture”: Prachin Jain (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Mumbai, India); Sanat Sarangi, Prakruti Bhatt and Srinivasu Pappula (Tata Consultancy Services, India)
  • 1570435403 “A Methodology of NBIoT Mobility Optimization”: Youngjunn Moon, Seongjung Ha, Mirim Park, Dongjun Lee and Junho Jeong (Korea Telecom, Korea)

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