Smart Living Environments: ACTIVAGE (LSP)

Smart LivingEmerging IoT Research and Development
9:45 AM, Wednesday 6 Jun 2018 (1 hour)
Coffee Break   10:45 AM to 11:15 AM (30 minutes)

Europe is undergoing major socio- economic changes that make the welfare state’s foundations teeter; namely, an increased life expectancy and a drop in birth rate. And the numbers seem to have an upward trend. In consequence the number of persons living to an advanced age and in a situation of dependency is constantly increasing.

The ACTIVAGE LSP project takes base on these arguments, with the primary objective of developing evidence and bringing to life the positive impact of the technologies and solutions based on the IoT in order to improve the quality of life, the health and the autonomy of older adults, with the aim to ensure the sustainability of social and health systems in Europe.

To achieve these objectives, ACTIVAGE will count with 7.200 users (i.e. older adults and their caregivers) from nine pilot Deployment Sites (DS), in Madrid, Galicia, Valencia (Spain), Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Greek cluster (Attica, Central Greece and Macedonia), Grenoble (France), Woquaz (Germany), Region of Hessen in Leeds (UK), and Finnish cluster (Espoo, Tampere, Helsinki and Turku), to co-create solutions and services based on IoT technologies that enable the digital transformation of Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) domain.

In the past conference IoT Week 2017, in Geneva, we presented the project vision and objectives and a first approach to the ACTIVAGE’s interoperability framework, which is in the backbone of its IoT architectural approach. After one and a half year running,  we will showcase, the actual experience of IoT technologies and use cases deployed in user’s homes, nursing homes, hospitals and city open spaces, in the 9 DS.

This firth session, dedicated to AHA-IoT topic, is meant to be a multimedia experience on how IoT is now impacting on the life of the engaged users, These experiences will be continuously showcased during the whole conference, at the ACTIVAGE booth in the exhibition area.

SMEs working on digital health and AHA, AAL and Horizon 2020 (2017) PM-15 projects, H2020 ICT-IoT projects with uses case in health and smart living environments for ageing well, AIOTI-WG5 members, Smart Cities rulers and all interested in IoT advances in health and social care should attend.

EU Project Manager
Medtronic Ibérica
ACTIVAGE Project Coordinator and Integrated Health Solutions Business Director
Research Associate
Fraunhofer IGD
Associate Head for Smart Living & Entrepreneur
Leeds City Council
Senior Development Officer
Research & Development plus Innovation Director
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Assistant Professor
Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
Full Professor/Project Coordinator of H2020 INTER-IoT
IoT Smart Cities Director
Former ACTIVAGE Deputy Coordinator and current ACTIVAGE.ORG Chairman