GIoTS Paper Session: IoT Applications, Services IV

Paper Sessions
Wednesday Jun 06   11:15 AM to 01:00 PM (1 hour 45 minutes)

  • 1570435565 “A Semantic Based Multi-Platform IoT Integration Approach from Sensors to Chatbots”: Charbel El Kaed (Digital Services Platform-Innovation & Schneider Electric, USA); Andre Ponnouradjane and Dhaval Shah (Schneider Electric, USA)
  • 1570435577 “Situation Modelling, Representation, and Querying in Context-as-a-Service IoT Platform”: Alexey Medvedev (Monash University, Australia); Alireza Hassani (University of Monash, Australia); Arkady Zaslavsky (CSIRO, Australia); Pari Delir Haghighi (Monash University, Australia); Prem Prakash Jayaraman (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia); Sea Ling and Maria indrawan- Santiago (Monash University, Australia); Niklas Kolbe (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • 1570425177 “IoT Integration based on Semantic Technologies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings”: Iker Esnaola-Gonzalez (Fundación Tekniker); Francisco Diez (Fundación Tekniker, Spain)
  • 1570435525 “Design-insights for devising persuasive IoT devices for sustainability in the workplace”: Diego Casado-Mansilla, Anne Irizar and Pablo Garaizar (University of Deusto, Spain); Diego López-de-Ipiña (Deusto Institute of Technology - DeustoTech, University of Deusto, Spain)

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